Transaction Mechanics

8% tax on each trade which goes back into the ecosystem. 4% of the total trade is taken and added to the Shiwiki-BNB liquidity pool on Pancakeswap! 4% is automatically redistributed to current Shiwiki holders, proportional to how much they hold! You do not need an external application to stake to earn, you literally earn more Shiwikis for just holding your tokens.

Token Burn

Upon launch, 5% of the whole Shiwiki supply was sent to the burn address! Now, this wasn't just to reduce the supply on launch but a first step in our continuous process of making sure Shiwiki a deflationary currency, because the circulating supply will diminish as time progresses!

Token Buy Back

In addition to all tokenomics created to keep our token Shiwiki inflated which includes shared transaction taxes and token burn, we are also instituting a twice a week token buy back campaign right off exchanges.